NPR List stations close to you or filter by search criteria

NPR - List stations close to you or filter by search criteria

This endpoint has two main use cases: - If no query parameters passed in, it returns a list of stations that are geographically closest to the calling client (based on GeoIP information) - If one or more query parameters are passed in, it performs a search of NPR stations that match those search criteria (not taking into account the client's physical location) Clients wanting to implement a 'Change Station' UI should use this endpoint to power their search. In most cases, you'll want to build a search interface that uses one of the 3 provided schemas: `lat` and `lon` (using e.g. the HTML5 Geolocation API), `city` and `state`, _or_ the generic `q` query which can accept a station name, call letters, network name, or zip code. Technically speaking, `q` can also take in either a city name or a state name, but using the `city` and `state` parameters together will yield more accurate geographic search results than `q={cityName}`. The `lat` and `lon` query parameters should always be passed in together (otherwise the API will return a 400 error), and if included in the query, they will take precedence over any other search criteria; that is, `lat` and `lon` will do a purely geographic search and not take into account `q`, `city` or `state`. Similarly, `city` and/or `state` will take precedence over (and ignore) `q`. If clients want to be able to offer multiple types of searches (e.g. 'Search for a station name, city or zipcode') using a *single* search input form, `q` should be used. But again, be aware that using `city` and `state` together will yield more accurate search results than `q={cityName}`.

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curl -v "{streamdata_token}&city={field_value}&lat={field_value}&lon={field_value}&No Name={field_value}&q={field_value}&state={field_value}"

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